Say Cheese! Vintage Baby & Child Photography Reinvented

You may have noticed that we updated our blog masthead earlier in the year. I was inspired by the many altered art projects floating around on the web. This one (at left) in particular caught my eye and I saved it in my inspiration file for months.

Eventually I had the opportunity to try my hand at my own altered art piece when updating our blog masthead. First, I set out looking for a really cute vintage photograph with a baby buggy and found this one (below left) on eBay. Then I grabbed one of my cute vintage greeting cards in my endlessly-growing stash (below right).

And presto-chango (and some work in Photoshop), voila! The new Baby Gardner Baby Bloggie masthead was born!

I’m drawn to the idea of reinventing vintage photography — reinventing the past, so-to-speak. Modern and artistic touches added to vintage photography have created a whole new art form that’s soaring in popularity. Here’s some other examples of altered art and hand-tinting I heart…

A few years back I blogged about a vintage photograph postcard that landed me in a heated bidding war. You can read that story here. We eventually altered that photo to create our one-of-a-kind Vintage Stork baby shower collection (at right).

Granted, vintage photography can sometimes border on creepy, but when you see examples of vintage photography like these, you can’t help but be inspired. The fact that the past can be reborn and treasured in a brand new way is just fascinating. Think about these little personalities from so long ago that will remain forever young in these photos and treasured in new ways for generations to come.


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