Free Vintage Toy Pattern: The Little Giraffe


As promised, here’s a wonderful vintage pattern for a sweet little plush giraffe — courtesy of Laurie Miles at Old School Acres. (Thanks Laurie!) If you decide to stick your neck out (pun intended) and try the pattern, please send photos of your creations. Would love to share them with everyone.

Materials Required:

  • 22in. by 9in. firm cotton fabric
  • Small scraps of white and black felt (eyes)
  • White knitting yarn (mane)
    [Alternative Idea: Use looped satin ribbon for the mane to make a tactile ‘taggie’ giraffe for baby.]
  • Polyfil stuffing
  • Pipe cleaner


Trace the main pattern, then trace the underbody section. Cut both pieces on double material. For ears, cut a strip 3in. by 3/4in. and for tail, a 2-1/2in. square.


  1. Place right sides of main pieces together and machine a 1/8in. seam around the neck, head, and across the back, finishing at crosses marked on pattern. Clip seam allowance at all angles and at beginning and end of machining.
  2. Press 1/8in. to wrong side at top edge of underbody. Pin in position to main piece, then machine around the outer edges, Clip at all angles and curved edges. Turn work to right side and stuff very firmly (use a pencil to pack small segments of stuffing into all narrow areas). Close opening by hand.
  3. Fold and stitch ears as shown. Trim edges, then turn to right side. With cut edges down, make a fold in center of ears and sew to top of head. Trace off pattern pieces for eyes. Cut from felt, then sew in position.
  4. Fringe one edge of tail for depth of 1/2in. Roll tail around a 2in. piece of pipe cleaner and sew as shown. Break two stitches at top of back seam, poke end of tail in and catch by hand.
  5. Use double thread of yarn for mane and form loops down entire back of neck, making a back stitch at base of each loop to hold.


*Click on pattern for larger view.

Update! Bookette from House Full of Monkeys posted a pic of her sunny yellow giraffe. So cute! Thanks, Bookette, for sharing!

  1. You’re welcome! I haven’t even tried this one yet but may have to give it a go…if I ever find some extra time! ;)


  2. hi there,
    thanks for the pattern, i’ve been looking for an interesting giraffe for awhile. there’s something i’m not quite understanding about it though (i haven’t made that many plushies, forgive me!), but the part for the underbody confuses me a little and its hard to tell in the finished picture. could you possibly explain a little further?


  3. I just sewed one of these up this week. Pretty cute. Also very small – total height is 7″. I just printed the pattern after clicking on the image, but I wondered if it should have been enlarged after that? Except I think his ears look the right size, and those are cut by measurements.
    I am posting a picture of him on my blog today.
    thanks for such a cute little pattern!



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